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what are business agreements

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

When you are conducting business with other parties, shared sensitive information needs to be exchanged or shared between two parties it is suggested and very important to use a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement. This non-disclosure and/or confidentiality agreement will help business owners formalize the relationship and provide legal recourse if the confidential information is released and shared to other parties apart from the participating parties.  . These agreements protect the shared confidential information between parties of any project. The said obligations of the parties, the terms of the agreement, the type of confidential information that is to be shared may require specific provisions for the special needs of the parties involved.

Shareholders agreements

A shareholders agreement is a contractual agreement between the owners (shareholders) of a company or business.  These said agreements usually contain a variation of the following stipulations:

  • ownership and voting rights of the shares in the company
  • control and management of the company
  • provision for the resolution of any future disputes between shareholders
  • protection of interests of the company
  • amont of initial contribution
  • capital contributions or financent arrangements