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Numbered Quebec Company

In Québec you must register with the Registraire des enterprises by filing a declaration of registration. The purpose is to collect, in the enterprise register, information pertaining to enterprises and persons doing business in Québec. At the time of registration, the Registraire des entreprises will assign a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) to the enterprise. The enterprise uses its NEQ to identify itself with the Registraire des entreprises, as well as other government agencies.

FAQ of Service:

Question: Is this the cheapest option if I want to register a company in Quebec?

Answer: Yes, As mentioned in the description; NEQ Registered Quebec Company is the cheapest when registering a company, unlike a Corporation.

Question: What if I make under 30k of sales within the first year?

Answer: Guess what! You may choose to charge or not to charge GST/QST if your business sales are under $30,000.   (However if you do not charge sales tax you are not entitled to claim the sales tax you pay on purchases as credits against sales tax)

Question: Am I legally able to start my business?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! You are now a registered business, you are recognized and a real business. Get out there and make things happen!