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 A minute book is used to store all important corporate documents such as:

  • the articles of incorporation
  • the minutes of shareholders and directors meetings
  • stock certificates
  • tax filings
  • by-laws
  • other legal documents


Companies Incorporated in Quebec are required by The Quebec Companies Act that each company keep a Corporate Minute Book at its head office.

This book must contains:

  • articles
  • by-laws
  • minutes of shareholders meetings
  • resolutions
  • names and addresses of the directors, date started and the date ceased their directorship
  • issue/allocation/transfer of shares
  • names of shareholders


Companies Incorporated Federally are not legally required by The Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) to keep a minute book. The CBCA does requires that certain corporate records be kept at the company's head office. The shareholders and creditors may view the Minute Book on request.

The Minute Book includes:

  • articles
  • by-laws
  • unanimous shareholder agreements
  • minutes of meetings
  •  resolutions of shareholders
  • copies of Form 6 - Notice of Directors or Notice of Change of Directors that have been filed
  • share register showing the names and addresses of all shareholders
  • details of shares held