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Getting Financing

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Entrepreneurs often report that getting financing is the most challenging aspect of starting or growing a business. If you are looking for money for your business, you should start by learning about the different types of financing that are available. You can then decide which one best suits your needs.

Find out about government grants, loans, and other financings available for your business. Your business may be eligible for different types of private sector financing, including debt and equity. There may be not-for-profit or community-based organizations that can offer you financing or direct you towards financing. Could crowdfunding help you raise funds for your business? Learn how to plan for and negotiate a deal with potential investors to obtain equity financing for your business. See how you can use personal assets to help finance your business. Find out how to write a business plan and access templates, sample business plans, market research information, and statistics. Are you ready to start a business to further your non-profit organization's mission or generate income to support its sustainability? Find resources to help you manage and grow. Ask one of our featured specialists.