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About Us

About Us


Talented individuals are hidden away by working in the corporate world trying to earn ends meat. leaving their creativity behind Does this sound familiar? These people are driven by passion, people like you. Driven, talented and who are not getting the attention, success and exposure they deserve. This must change. Our mission is to expose talent, creativity and individuals who have the vision, who want to make something out of themselves, tackle on that venture, we are here to guide you towards success! Diamond in the rough is what comes to mind when I try to pin-point the extraordinary of talent in passionate professionals and small business owners. I want to encourage you to shed light and help us expose their stories, what makes these individuals unique, different and why aren't they getting the exposure they deserve? It all starts with an awesome idea.

This is going to change. This results in talent being put aside and fooling the mind into doing jobs that don’t express who they are or what they are capable of. People will never fulfill their dreams in achieving or even maximizing their potential in what they love to do. Starting their own business, doing what they love for a living. Their talent will be faded and forgotten, we want to expose their talent and kickstart there success story. I want to expose business owners who are passionate and help them connect with featured professionals that we have had success with. We want to keep that creative flair alive. Success is not a race, there isn't just one winner. Success is driven by exposure, and we want these individuals all to win when it comes to success. We want them to be noticed, heard and present with the right tools and what they have to offer while having their stories be told.

The Team



Vincenzo Santori - Senior Business Development & Statigest

Vincenzo Santori brings creative solutions to the Social/Commercial business space. Years of experience in branding and relationship marketing. He manages brand identity beyond social platforms to ensure that the company's image is consistent across all online channels. Creative eye-catching solutions on a very selective approach is just one of the many tactics Vincenzo will play across. business 2 business, business to client, event or promotion. Vincenzo will take an emotional approach towards the audience of choice while engaging the perfect content within his effectively.

Monetize and Maximize niche exposure. The effect of a clean professional approach is key. Triggering keywords that blend towards your venture. Using multiple sources of the customer interacting will result in a priceless impression of information, most importantly including your point of sales and getting the message across.

Vincenzo is passionate and adaptable with a creative flair. Excellent initiative with the ability to "think outside the box". When Vincenzo is under pressure he remains confident. He is keen to develop and expands knowledge to continue a successful career in such a creative industry. Quality cannot be achieved without dedication says, Vincenzo. A highly enthusiastic, conscientious and dedicated individual.

LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2ypGkQc


Tommaso Di Paola - Senoir Accountant CPA, CMA
Under the direction of Mr. Tommaso Di Paola, the office is composed of a team that will help you start, finance or manage your business, help you obtain grants and/or Research and Development tax credits and an accounting technician. I am Tommaso Di Paola, CPA, CMA a professional trilingual accountant who has over 17 years’ experience in the finance, manufacturing, and service sectors.  

Our accounting practice offers you tax consultation and preparation services, Financial Reporting, Complete Payroll services, bookkeeping services, business plans and Business advise. 

On top of the standard services our competitors offer we help get our small business owners financing, grants and subventions and collaborate with one of the biggest Research & Development engineering firms that help get businesses of all sizes tax credits. 

LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2yWhKWh  

Nick Cristiano Accounting Coordinator CPA, CMA
Dynamic and enthusiastic professional with 16 years of experience in accounting and management of small businesses.
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with a completed CPA, CMA Designation
Good judgment and strong aptitudes in accounting, finance and strategic thinking.