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Top 5 Technology that has changed

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Then and Now: How Technology has changed. We’ve come a long way since the dial-up connection and rabbit ears antennas. It’s mind blowing,  ARPPANET was created on January 1st 1983 and from there researchers began to assemble the so called “network of networks “which later became the modern internet. The future of the internet really took off and started to be recognized in the 1990’s, radical dude. In the early years of computers, computers were available to the public and was a hobby rather than a device that we need to depend on, hold on let me take a selfie. There were 14 desktop computers ranging from $3000USD to $4000USD.

The $4000 one was described as “Unprecedented power & storage for small business and accounting needs” Its specs were:

  • 100MHz Processor
  • 1.2Gb HD
  • 12Mb RAM
  • 4X CD ROM
  • 15” Monitor
  • MYOB software

Advance in 2017 and we’ve come a long way Here is our honorable list of technology from then to now.


1) The telephone

Then and Now: Technology



2) The Television



3)  Photo Albums


4) Mail



5) People talking to themselves seems crazy, the bluetooth

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