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Strange jobs that pay surprisingly well

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Strange jobs that pay surprisingly well

Ever wondered if people actually get paid for that? Today we are showcasing strange jobs with even stranger job descriptions that pay surprisingly well.


  • Professional Snuggler

A Snuggler can earn up to $60 dollars an hour. This job only provides snuggling, cuddling or hugs as a source of comfort for the client.  Professional snugglers make $120,000 a year

  • Paper towel sniffer

This is one of the oddest jobs in this list, this job pay surprisingly well for what you need to do. All that is required if that you smell paper towels from a variety of manufactures to make sure towels don’t have any odors. This job pays an annual salary of $50,000 dollars,   


  • Crime Scene Cleaners

Cleaners are people who clean, sanitize and disinfect crime scenes after the police have finished collecting all the evidence. This job can be very messy. The cleaners make $50,000 dollars a year to make spaces look spotless!


  • Food Stylist

The purpose of a food stylist is to make food in commercials, film and photos look mouth-watering good.  These food stylists have to keep the food looking appetizing during the shoots. Food stylist are paid $60,000 dollars a year.  



  • Golf Ball Divers

This is a good job for those who like the outdoors, The divers responsibility is to collect all the golf balls in the water hazards within the golf course. This unusually job pays surprisingly well. Golf ball divers are paid $100,000 dollars a year.