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SEO Algorithms that work for 2018!

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Be found on the first page of Google: SEO Algorithms that work for 2018!

Google is filled with secrets, some more obvious then others  >> Here are a few fun mentions that you can try, head on over to Google and type in the search box and hit enter!

  • Do a Barrel Roll
  • Google Gravity

As much as Google is fun to browse, Google is extremely complex. Google’s secret algorithm is secretly changing. What does it take to get be within the first results of Google’s search? So, as an entrepreneur // Canadian business owner. How can you get your Canadian Incorporation // Business on top of the list? You can always hire a group Tech Savvy gurus who are trying to crack the google secret recipe! That approach can be costly. Let’s keep it traditional and stick with what works, here are a few SEO Strategies to kickstart your Canadian Incorporation // Business for 2018.


Create High-Quality content

Original content is king. High-quality content will boost your ranking towards the first pages of google, it won’t happen overnight. However, you will be surprised on the organic traffic build up that will be coming though your website while your visitors get a concrete understanding on your Canadian Incorporation // Business and valuable information you will provide etc.

 Canadian Incorporation

(SEO Check-up) on-page SEO

In this day in age, there are so many applications to help you kickstart your Canadian Incorporation // Business. Using applications such as;

 Canadian Incorporation

Once you have your keywords in place, you know the locations. Time to intergrade these keywords into your website to gain maximize visibility for your Canadian Incorporation // Business. Friendly reminders on where to place your keywords;


Page Speed

Aaaaawl-right-y-then. Nobody uses dial-up anymore. In 2018 Your website has to be FAST, lighting fast. Built well. Consider Cloudflare (Content delivery network), it’s free! Once that’s done you can test your Canadian business with the following application;

 Canadian Incorporation

Here are some fun facts that you didn’t know.

8.5% of website traffic makes it passed the first page of google within search results in Canada.

Long story short, get on the first page if you want your Canadian Incorporation // Business to be found on Google.